For reception of the car it is necessary:

  • To give the valid driver's license, as well as a copy of the passport or the driver's license which is applied on the original of the lease
  • If the experience of the tenant is less than 2th years, then a payment for rent 5,- EUR in day

Use of vehicles:

  • Run is not limited
  • Departure abroad LV-under the preliminary consent with "GOrent"

Time and payment of rent:

  • Minimal time of rent 24 hours
  • 100 % an advance payment cash

Insurance and self-risk:

  • Public liability insurance (OCTA), voluntary insurance (CASCO)
  • In case of damage of the car the liability of the leaser is certain at a rate of from 150,- EUR
  • At a choice of service « Reduction of the responsibility » , own risk for defect decreases up to 0 % for an extra charge 5,- EUR in day. The responsibility for completely broken or stolen car cannot be lowered.

Delivery / Return:

  • In a Riga 5,- EUR
  • In airport " Riga " 5,- EUR


  • The car leases with a full tank. At return the tank should be filled


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